May 14

Procedures and Foreign Investments

By means of a cooperation network with local and foreign lawyers, banks, local and foreign notaries, and translators, we assist our client to choose the best and most affordable option when it comes to make an investment in Canary Islands (purchase, building, sales of real estates, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shop premises, corporations, etc.). We deeply.

May 13

Public Agencies’ Proceedings

We assist clients with their concerns about the complex bureaucracy in Spain and Canaries by making proceedings before Public Agencies, Courts, Notary Offices, Town Halls, Tax Revenue Offices, Land Registry Procedures, and Social Security. We also help with certification requests, claims and appeals before Consumer Office. Petitions and requests filed with local and state Administration..

May 12

Trade Law

By knowing tax benefits currently in force in Canary Islands, we provide advisory services related to foreign corporation investments in Canaries, investments of Canarian corporations in other companies already organized; creation of foreign corporation office branch in Canaries; corporate interest purchase and sale operations; creation of limited liability companies in Canary Island; corporate termination and.

May 12

Civil Law

We file complaints with Canary Islands Court. We help our clients with Notary, Tax Administration and Public Agency procedures. We know client’s concern for his/her will/estate and provide our assistance in any proceeding, signature and tax payment. We also provide our advisory services to property owner’s community. Contract preparation and review (leasing, option contract, purchase.

May 9

Industrial/Intellectual Property

and Domains, CanarianLawyers offers to protect your business image against third parties, along with the cooperation of other companies devoted to register patents, brands, trademarks, and domains. We know this business competition and the craftiness related to these environments when it comes to register identification signs and corporate image of companies. E-brands, patents, trademarks. Community,.

May 8

Family Mediation

Family disputes management by Court ruling has not been the best way to solve or relieve family issues. Mediation amends family itself from the inside and a third party (Mediator) will work along with them to reach a fair agreement between the parties involved and try to achieve social peacefulness within a framework like Canaries.